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Sunday, September 2, 2012

How to prevent Rheumatic

Arthritis is a disease that attacks the joints and structures around it. Arthritis can attack the head to toe. Arthritis commonly referred to as arthritis in General disease is characterized by several symptoms, such as swelling, redness, pain in the knees, elbows, wrists and other parts of the joints, muscles and tendons in the disorder. rheumatic symptoms are quite extensive. Rheumatism consists of 150 types. But there are four types of arthritis that most often encountered in our society that is caused by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis pengapuran out that attack network outside of the cartilage, arthritic inflammation, and arthritis caused by pengeroposan. Rheumatic Diseases A place where rheumatic diseases About 50 percent of complaints of aching joints caused by pengapuran. Pengapuran means the depletion of cartilage tissue that act as bearing joints.
Bearings in the joints wear out that led to bone friction causing pain. Pengapuran is a process of degeneration which began at the age of 40 years. Speed the process of degeneration differs in each person. A person's joints can start trouble in their 40s. However there are people who until the age of 70 's sendinya fine. The slowness of the process last quick is determined by a number of risk factors, among others: quality of cartilage and overweight. Cartilage good conditions will be more resistant to wear.
Like a car tire if the quality is good then the joints not easy though worn long. aus Most types of arthritis afflicting the world's population is reumatoid arthritis (AR) i.e. rheumatoid arthritis, gout (uric acid) which is caused by excessive levels of uric acid in the blood, and osteoarthritis (OR), namely the pengapuran joints. According to dr.Riardi Pramudiyo, SpPD-KR from RS.Hasan Sadikin Bandung, OR joint disease is the most common. These diseases are degenaratif, that number increases with increasing it took ages. Accompanying symptoms include pain in the joints, as do sufferers, or activity when weather changes from summer to winter.
As disclosed, the originator OR Riadi usually because there are other diseases or circumstances. Is not yet known what causes primary, but the causes of the secondary could be because people are overweight, so load that must be supported by the knee is too large, or because of excessive wear of the knee, such as professional football players, he said. Other types of rheumatic fever that many suffered arthritis reumatoid Indonesia society is (AR). The disease is most often attack the age group 20-50 years. A common symptom found is stiff joints when waking and difficult patients move. Rheumatism in people who were prolific generally caused inflammation. This inflammation can be due to uric acid or other causes. Rheumatism due to uric acid is found in many old male 30s and 40s years. This type, according to Dr. Harry Isbagio, occurs due to an excess of metabolism that results in joint purin buried. The cover of this cause pain in the joints. Harry often encountered misunderstandings doctors community regarding uric acid.
Patients often come to consult while carrying uric acid test results. They ask why a normal uratnya acid but doctors diagnose exposed rheumatism. They misunderstand the matter of rheumatism. Not all rheumatism caused gout, he explained. Autoimmune disorders such as Lupus disease including type of arthritis caused by inflammation. In this immune disorder does not function as a virus or bacteria, the exterminator foreign objects that enter the body. Thus immune damage healthy tissue, including existing networks in joints. Likewise with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis). The disease including inflammation of joints that cause is still unknown. According to the Encyclopedia of Public Health, there have been indications that genetic patterns responsible for the onset of this disease. RA can strike anyone at any age, including babies.
Inflammatory disease occurred on synovial tissue in the joints. This network serves to make the fluid lubricant of the joints. In RA, the network was patient swells and shows many cells are inflamed. Prevent and treatment of Rheumatism, Abstinence According to current drugs, Riadi on the market no one could cure rheumatic diseases. That medicines only to reduce pain and prevent further joint damage. Rheumatism treatment is usually long-term, he said. If the patient has arthritis strikes until the stage of deformities of the joints (joint deformities) then the total cost of treatment includes expensive, there are even drugs that cost tens of millions of dollars once the injection. Drugs commonly given doctors on patient rheumatic fever among others the analgesic (pain reliever), which can suppress the inflammatory prostaglandins, heresy. This drug has the side effect of gastric disorder. Therefore, the presence of such drugs more specific such as rheumatic celecoxib, greeted excited because it has small side effects on the stomach and kidneys.
The other is a corticosteroid drug, to address inflammation (inflammation) and suppress the immune system so that the inflammation in arthritis is reduced. This can be a form of medicine that cream on the skin or injection of dioles. Unfortunately, these drugs have side effects such as swelling, increased appetite, weight loss, riding as well as emotions are unstable. In addition to medication, to reduce soreness can also be done without drugs, e.g. with ice compresses. "Compress ice can lose pain threshold and reduces enzyme function," Riadi said. Later, many types of vegetables can be consumed with rheumatism, celery juice, for example, cabbage or carrots can reduce the symptoms of arthritis.
Several types of herbs can also help fight arthritis pain, such as ginger and turmeric, celery seed, Aloe Vera, rosemary leaves, aroma therapy, or juniper oil can remove swelling in the joints. Maintain ideal body weight is one of the wise steps to reduce pain in the knee joint. Any extra weight burden knee joints and pelvis, and adds to the pain due to arthritis. In addition excess body weight increase the risk of gout. Lightweight sports like foot is helpful to sufferers of rheumatism due to uric acid. This is because the road leg burn calories, strengthens the muscles and build strong bones without disturbing the joints pain. To do sports should ask the opinion of a doctor or therapist, so knowing the best movements. It is advisable to avoid sports that overload the knee. Badminton, volleyball, tennis, jogging, self-defense should not be done. Especially when arthritis type gout was kumat.
Standing too long will cause tremendous pain, he said. In addition to treating, we could also prevent the arrival of this disease, such as not doing exercise in excess, keeping the weight remains stable, as well as to keep food intake is always balanced according to the needs of the body, especially a lot of consuming fish from the deep ocean. If you feel not quite consume sea fish, consuming supplements could be an option, especially those containing omega 3. In omega 3 contained a substance which is very effective for keeping the joints to stay limber. Do not think lightly of arthritic symptoms arise. As soon as the pain began to appear, check with your doctor as soon as possible to detect which one is just sore that is usual or sciatica symptoms of rheumatism.
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