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Friday, September 14, 2012

Kawasaki Disease

"The majority of our society is not yet know about Kawasaki Disease (KD). But, we have to mewaspadainya, because when the late managed can be fatal. Kawasaki disease also known as mucocutaneous lymphnode syndrome is a disease that usually strikes children and toddlers most often at the age of one to two years. The disease is similar at first glance, drug allergy diseases, measles virus infection, or even disease parotitis. Because it's a disease that was discovered by the physician Tomisaku Kawasaki in Japan in 1967 is often wrong diagnosis. "
 Kawasaki disease has three phases, including:

The first phase is a phase of acute. In the acute phase, sufferers have signs such as fever are sudden high and can reach 40 ° C for 5 days or more, eyes are red but no poop, the palms of the hands and feet are red, and there are red spots on the whole body. Lip, oral cavity, tongue, and people with any red or often called Strawberry tongue. In addition people with experience swelling of lymph nodes on one side of the neck, so it is often considered a disease of parotitis (parotitis).
The second phase is the phase of the sub acute. This phase, which began on the day of eleventh day of twenty-five until. In this phase, the fever had already begun to decline and the red spots are reduced. Usually arise Exfoliating skin fingers and toes. In this phase, sufferers experience a complication to the heart of KD in coronary artery disease.
The third phase is the phase of healing. This phase occurs after twenty-five days. On phase in horizontal bands arise on toenails and hands of sufferers called Beau's line.

Dr. Najib Advani SpA (K), MMed. (Paed), consultant Pediatric Heart Disease Kawasaki says many steeped in Indonesia this disease has already started is known since the 1980s. most cases are diagnosed late KD. Whereas the number of cases in Indonesia is estimated to be 5000 KD new cases per year. According to Najib, the man who had been born into a greeting HAVANA since 1996, often patients come too late, in the sense that they've been in the acute phase of the sub where the heart abnormalities has already happened. Patients experienced complications in coronary artery disease in the form of an aneurysm or dilation (at 20-40 per cent of sufferers don't spontaneously heal) with subsequent refinements occurred as a result of coronary artery disease that can lead to fatal myocardial infarction.

"The barriers are not many doctors in the Indonesia who understand this disease. Sometimes parents Kawasaki Disease sufferers who are actively looking for information about this disease. The doctor said this pain and sick of it. But parents who got information from internet asking if her son suffered from Kawasaki Disease ", says Najib is a distinguished alumnus of the University of Indonesia's Faculty of medicine.
Heart Complications

Dr. Najib Advani, head of the Coordination work of the heart child on Indonesia's Bond Pediatrician says, the most worrying thing of Kawasaki Disease is diagnosed when patients being late. Potentially having a heart attack patient coronary removals.He explains this condition were derived from disturbances in coronary blood vessels. State widens blood vessels, weakened, prominent, or aneurysm. Coronary vessel constriction occurs next so that blood flow to the heart muscle will be clogged. As a result the heart muscle is less blood circulation or blood so don't get heart muscle death occurred with the manifestation of a heart attack.

Other changes experienced by sufferers of inflammation (inflammation) of the heart muscle (miokarditis) and the liquid in the bag that surrounds the heart (perikarditis). Abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmia) and inflammation of the heart katuKDatup (valvulitis) can also occur. This can lead to sudden death a few years later. When sufferers can be handled or declared to be healed by doctors, in clinical coronary heart disease can appear later in adulthood.
The cost of expensive

According to Dr. Najib Advani due to unknown cause to KD this time haven't been able to performed precautionary measures. Fortunately there are already remedies to cure KD origin just isn't late. He explained that diagnosis and treatment of Kawasaki Disease sufferers should get custody of the children's cardiologists. Patients must be treated in inpatient hospitals and got thoroughly monitoring.

"Examination of the heart becomes very important. Including ECG and ekokardiografi (heart ULTRASOUND). Sometimes ultrafast CT scan, MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiography) and cardiac catheterization is required in that case. Laboratory examination for the disease is no typical. Usually the number of white blood cells, blood creep rate, and C Reactive Protein (CRP) increased in acute phase, "said doctor Najib Advani.

Drug prices are expensive, he said, become obstacles in the process of healing the patient. Kawasaki Disease patients should consume imunoglobulin need drug two grams per one kilogram of body weight. The price of one gram of IDR revolve around 1.2 million.

"If the sufferer has a weight of 15 Kg for example, means he needs 30 grams of imunoglobulin or costing about 36 million. In addition, patients are also given imunoglobulin salicylic acid to prevent damage to the heart and the coronary vessel blockage, "said cardiologist doctors this kid. He explained, if it does not happen on the healing process, complication of patients can be discharged in a few days. In the case of a late and coronary vessel damage already happened, sufferers need a longer hospitalization and intensive treatment in order to get prevent damage heart more.

Then when the drugs didn't work, sometimes required coronary bypass surgery (bypass coronar), or even, although very rarely, a heart transplant. Death can occur in one to five percent of sufferers are generally handled, and culminated in the late going on 15-45 days after the initial onset of fever. If there is a fever toddlers up to five days, his eyes and his lips are red, the possibility of having Kawasaki Disease. If so then parents need to think about the possibility of bringing his son to the KD and cardiologists children in several major hospitals which have the facilities fully equipped like pemeriksan heart in PJT, RSCM

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