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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Help Quick Pick A Heart Attack

"The heart is the organ which is very important for human beings, because the heart is needed to pump blood throughout the body so the body get oxygen and food grains needed for metabolic processes. To that end, the heart needs to be maintained in order to perform its functions properly. Because if there is a disruption of its function, the sudden heart attack can happen anytime and ready the claimed the lives of its victims. "

Current heart disease has become a frightening Specter of Indonesia for the community and the world. Sufferers of heart as if helpless when a heart attack upon. The death of pop icon Michael Jackson and Mbah Surip became evidence of dasyatnya heart attack, whereas the day before they (Michael Jackson and Mbah Surip) appears to be "healthy".

Doctor m. Yamin, SP. JP (K), of a heart attack who spoke in medical terminology known as acute myocardial infarction is indeed often accused as a cause of sudden death. This can be understood because it is generally a heart attack sufferers died before being brought to the hospital. Heart attacks occur due to blockage in the coronary vessels of blood clots.

Coronary vessels are vessels that drains the blood to the heart muscle. Through this vessel, the heart gets oxygen and nutrients so that the muscles of the heart can also contract constantly all day long non-stop. Normal coronary vessels have a smooth wall in, and on a unhealthy coroner, lining the walls of the blood vessels that harden and thicken due to the crust – crust (atherosclerosis). It was centered around Kerak-crust of cholesterol and various cells, including inflammatory cells, leading to blockages.

Blockage of this artery takes blood and oxygen from the heart muscle causing heart muscle is injured. Injury to the heart of this cause chest pain and painful sensations. If blood flow is not restored to the heart muscle in 20-40 minutes could cause death.

Fast Aid

A heart attack is the culmination of a process of disaster damage that lasts a long time. There is a wide variety of early warning signs and sometimes so subtle that many people overlook.

"Sudden heart attack based on or caused by coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease is about 80 percent have symptoms, in the sense of perceived by the sufferer. While 20 percent of other patients do not have symptoms, and all of a sudden happened a sudden heart attack, such as chest pain during activity or emotion, "said Dr. Yamin, an alumnus of Syiah Kuala University Faculty of medicine.

According to doctor Yamin, the symptoms of a heart attack can be different for each person. A heart attack probably began with vague pain, discomfort, or a vague sense of tightness in the middle of the chest. Sometimes, a heart attack caused only mild discomfort so often misconstrued as bad indigestion, or even off of the attention at all. On the other hand, a heart attack can present the worst pain I've ever experienced such a tremendous sense of tightness or feeling squeezed on the chest, throat or stomach.

A heart attack, he said, could be about those who formerly known as sufferers of CHD. Sufferers of diabetes, hypertension, hiperkolesterol, and a family history of coronary heart disease with higher-risk having a heart attack than those who had no risk factors. In those with more risk factors, the risk of heart attack increased.

"In the handling of patients who suffered a heart attack sudden required speed. Patients should know that they had a heart attack. If in doubt have doubts, they continue to come to the hospital immediately. Faster, more good to me ndapatkan diagnoses the patient "Dr. Yamin stressed.

Treatment of patients exposed to sudden heart attack, continued Dr. Yamin, was carried out in two ways. First, the patients were given the drug trombolitik or direct drug thinners-clotting blood clotting in the coronary vessels. After it is done pembalonan. The second is Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) primer. On heart patients, in the event of a heart attack, which is accompanied by a State of shock, shortness of breath, heart failure, prolonged pain which cannot be assuaged with the drug, it is a very popular choice primary PTCA.

"For drug trombolitik, the entire medical personnel have been unable to do so. While primary PTCA for acts, not all hospitals do. And the rest of Service medical personnel Integrated Heart At Cipto Hospital (RSCM PJT) is already able to do PTCA primer, "says the man who was taking his doctorate.

Men who have been struggling for years in the world eleven medical tells the story that the primacy of patient handling suffered a sudden heart attack on RSCM is a PJT alignment service. Patients generally suffer from diseases, such as heart disease companion with kidney failure, diabetes, or hypertension. So this makes it easy to service integrated physician to work closely with physicians in other departments or divisions.Get used to Living an orderly and regular Doctor Yamin explained, prevention of heart disease is through upholding primary, where the public is given an understanding of the danger of a heart attack and prevention of early on. That effort could reduce the occurrence of sudden heart attack. All heart patients and the general public in particular needs to be instilled life orderly and regular are entrenched.

Control all risk factors that aggravate heart conditions are already sick with regular medication, diet, disease and strict compliance change lifestyle during this time is not healthy. All daily activities should be scheduled and kept in a timely manner. Meal times, pause, sleeping, working and well organized. Stay away from stress-causing factors and life made more relaxed.

Of course it's not enough to just. Also need to move the body. The most ideal of course walk tergopoh-gopoh (brisk walking) while paying attention to is there any complaints occurred during working. Complaints of chest pain, shortness of breath, and other bad taste should be the instructions to immediately stop whatever activity. Including if appear when being seated. It could be that the shape of a heart attack as well.

Chest complaints during the activity, even when only light activity though at risk for coronary heart disease should be stricken, translated as a form of symptom of coronary heart attack, so that should not be ignored. Abandonment of form heart complaints, the slightest bad impact heart disease, if not directly at the expense of his own life.
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