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Monday, August 27, 2012

How to prevent prostate cancer.

The last ten years, an increase in the prevalence of prostate cancer is very sharp. "Between 50 to 260 per cent its increase is," said experts from urology and Oncology medical faculty Prof. dr Rainy Umbas.

The prostate is a gland that its name is wrapped by the muscles fibers. "It is in the male pelvis," said Rainy.

This is the function of the prostate as a function of reproduction for both men. Prostate fluid makes to nourish sperm. Its not too big, but its function is vital. "Can be problematic even if its small large like this," he said at an event to "identify and beware of prostate cancer" in Jakarta.

Prostate problems will arise if a small glands undergo mutations and began to grow out of control, called with prostate cancer. Before the stage, prostate cancer is also often experience problems and disorders. At a young age, if men often experience stress, inflammation of the prostate is often referred to by undergoes a prostatitis.

The prostate can also be enlarged, but had experienced violence. "It's called benign prostate enlargement," he added. The issue is most critical is when it's already experienced a stage of prostate cancer. Cancer here means its growth could not have been more controlled.

Experts have not been able to call with certainty the cause of prostate cancer. That is clear, according to the Rainy, this disease is not contagious. "However, it could also be due to heredity, though small, only about five percent," he said.

In addition, many patients who undergo prostate cancer, comes to a doctor in a State that was too late. "They come already severe, so could not be treated with maximum," he added.

Since young
According to experts, cancer, urology Dr. Aru Wisaksono Sudoyo, is the first cause of death. This disease, his opinion, many suffered by people living in developing countries, especially in people who cannot avoid foods dangerous, carcinogenic food. This, for example carcinogenic food is food that contain formaldehyde, dyes, and also rhodamin substances harmful to other commonly added to foods.

Cancer is often not detected its presence. According to the Aru, cancer may take 15 to 20 years to develop. For it to be spared from this disease, should start getting used to a healthy lifestyle at the time was 20 's years. "Thirty percent of cancers could be prevented in real terms because the cause is an error in the diet," he said.

Prostate cancer growth is running slow. To that end, in order to be spared from this disease, the people should be careful and should adam with his lifestyle. Some of the things that makes the risk of prostate cancer is so large is that lifestyle factors. People who are fond of eating foods that contain high fat, then exposed to risks of cancer were higher.
Not only food issues. According to Rainy Umbas, got less sunlight can also heighten the risk. Exposure to heavy metals and carcinogenic substances can also heighten the risk of this. "Obviously, it's usually a hit is men over 50 years old," he said. Previous family history can also be a risk factor for this disease, but not too high. Some particular race also could lead to the risk of infection is higher.

In addition to the risk factors, there are also some things to be factors restricting mengganasnya prostate cancer. With many consume antioxidants from green tea, fruits, foods that contain too much, such as tomatoes, lycopen will hamper the development of this cancer. "It also could eat with plenty of soy and its products such as tofu, tempeh, soy milk," he said.

The two symptoms

There are two symptoms to indicate prostate cancer, the symptoms of the disorder that has not been severe and who are already severe. On stage which have not been severe, there are several disorders that are beginning to look when men piss. For example is often awakened at night just to piss. In addition, during the day, often to pee over and over.

The patient also felt the stream of piss started to weaken. "Sometimes often ngeden," said Rainy. Other symptoms, if this is felt the piss runs out, it didn't seem there has been completed.

For severe symptoms, usually there is blood coming out while being extracting sperm piss or was. In addition, sufferers also typically experiencing erectile dysfunction and lower limb growing weak.

In addition, patients also often have pain his bones. Among other things, spine, hip, and groin. Find the appropriate experience symptoms it is already sufficient to immediately to the doctor.

Prostate cancer becomes a threat to men. The growth of prostate cancer are often very slow, even could not show symptoms for years. Whereas the handling of prostate cancer is very complex. So rather than treat the better we prevent it. Askmen (25/4) leaked four fun ways to prevent the development of prostate cancer.

Although people often masturbated often strange, but apparently stamped some research shows masturbation could be one way to prevent prostate cancer.

According to a study in 2004 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, to get the benefits of protection against prostate cancer, then ejaculate by as much as 12 times per month (masturbating or having sex) it needs to be. Moreover, any increase in ejaculate per week three times with regards to decline 15 percent of prostate cancer.

Then how could protect men from risk ejaculate prostate cancer? A theory explains that it is possible to clean the penis yourself carcinogens (poison). In other words, mastrubasi can clean your cock.

It's no secret anymore if the sport is one of the most potent means of prevention of the disease. Because as human beings, we are required to always be active. Exercise increases circulation, immune system and raise energy levels. You can join the aerobic workouts, jogging, mountain biking, or even dancing.

Breakfast cereals

If you are looking for a way to prevent a glut of prostate cancer, choose natural flax series high and try to replace cow's milk with soy milk. Hemp and soy milk contain active ingredients that fight against prostate cancer.

Eat spicy marinara sauce

Marinara sauce is typical of Italy made from tomatoes. Tomatoes are a source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that may reduce the growth of prostate cancer in men. In fact, the tomato is just one of several food anti prostate cancer. Eating these foods with creative combinations like marinara sauce was just one of four exciting ways to prevent prostate cancer.
Enjoy this article and Thanks for reading: How to prevent prostate cancer.

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