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Friday, September 7, 2012

How to treat acne

Keep in mind that acne is a condition where the skin pore-hole experience that resulted in the blockage of the onset of inflammation. This inflammation usually causes the emergence of pockets of pus in the skin, especially the face. The cause of acne is hormonal changes generally stimulating the production of excess oil glands in the skin, dead skin cells, bacteria, cosmetics, and effects of drugs. Acne usually occurs in teenage age much, but not closed the possibility of also attacking adults.

This one disease often makes the sufferer does not pecaya myself, because the face is tarnished by small bumps are red and yellow. Think not confident is not rarely result in the sufferer is not able to get rid of acne on his face through a shortcut, i.e., break it down with your fingernails. Whereas this can lead to acne scars is black which has to be eliminated.

To avoid or treat facial skin full of acne, it needs powerful ways to remove acne so as not to spread to other parts of the face. First you should know the prohibitions to avoid acne sufferers, because dealing with acne should not be random.
How To Treat Facial Breakouts
In order to avoid acne does not multiply, acne sufferers should really implement tips caring commitment face breakouts:

Don't be too often touch or hold hands is part of acne due to parts of the body which is full of bacteria. Often touching Acne can lead to Acne thrives. Despite the weight, try to avoid the desire to touch the face.
Don't break up the acne, let alone an acne is still new, growing as this can cause inflammation of the skin and causes black stains of acne scars.
Try to keep the selalau facial skin is always clean from dirt, good morning, afternoon, and evening the match with skin conditions.
Avoid discharging material perias cosmetic face or before going to bed.

How to remove acne with natural remedies
Lots of tips on how to cope with acne, one of them by using a natural remedy that comes from plants. Here's how to eliminate acne using natural remedies:
  • Prepare 2 or 3 pieces of papaya leaves an old one
  • Drain the papaya leaves with the sunlight
  • Combine the papaya leaves with water to taste, then crushed and squeezed to take extracts.
  • Apply papaya leaf extract on acne.
How to treat acne with Potent Anti Acne Medicines
The second way was written based on the experience of the author himself. Ancient authors include people, but such spotty acne gradually lost until it ultimately disappeared altogether from the facial skin until now after using the following methods:

Try to keep the skin clean by using a facial cleanser from cucumber fruit extract
Avoid the prohibitions set forth in the above tips
Use acne Acne medicine La Tulipe Series at night before going to bed.
Do regularly and keep the face skin from the prohibitions listed above to the acne really lost.

The second way is indeed mention la Tulipe Acne acne Medicine Series, but did not contain any element of a promotional product acne medications. These Tips are taken because it is true that the way this really did the trick. Hopefully there are powerful acne medications called last still sold until this very second and match the skin of your face.

You might also be interested to know what suits natural remedy to get rid of acne scars or what a powerful natural remedy to get rid of blackheads for you who relieve hardship or blackheads acne scars on the face.
Enjoy this article and Thanks for reading: How to treat acne

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