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Monday, October 8, 2012

How to prevent diabetes

How to prevent diabetes
Diabetes is an illness because the body is not able to control the amount of sugar, or glucose in the blood stream. This causes hyperglycemia, a State of high blood sugar is dangerous

A major factor in diabetes is insulin, a hormone produced by the beta cells in the pancreas. Insulin is given a signal to the body's cells to absorb the glucose. Insulin, a pancreatic hormone works with other so-called glucagon also control the amount of glucose in the blood. When the body produces too little insulin or the body's cells do not respond to insulin appropriately it came to diabetes

Diabetes can often be controlled with low levels of sugar in the food, drink, drugs or insulin injections on a regular basis. Despite that, this disease eventually ask the victim too, sometimes causing complications like blindness and stroke.

In other words, Diabetes can be defined in various ways, but it all boils down to the issue of difficulty in processing carbohydrates.

In type 1 diabetes (which usually is diagnosed in childhood), the pancreas is unable to produce insulin, a hormone that facilitates the metabolism of glucose in the body.

In type 2 diabetes (about 90% of cases occur in adults who are middle-aged or older), the problem of diabetes type is characterized by a reduced ability of the body to use insulin. This condition is called insulin resistance. Over time, the damage occurred in the cells of the pancreas. If the situation gets worse, people who have type 2 diabetes eventually arrived in a condition where the pancreas can't make enough insulin so that the injection is needed.

Thus, there is a spectrum of problems related with sugar, from mild to insulin resistance dependence on injected insulin. And diagnosis of diabetes may occur in its Center, so the important thing is to be aware of is that the process of diabetes on the body starts to happen long before a diagnosis of diabetes.

How deterrence diebetes early
There are several things that can be done to slow or prevent the development of diabetes.

1. Understand Insulin resistance and symptoms.
Process type 2 diabetes started since many years even tens of years before a diagnosis of diabetes, and insulin resistance. Understand the symbols so that they can intervene early
• Insulin Resistance
• The Criterion Of Syndrome Of Insulin Resistance (Metabolic Syndrome)

2. Do periodic inspection

If you are at risk of diabetes or insulin resistance, be sure to perform blood glucose tests each year. If the result goes up over time, though still within the normal range, this is a sign that your body is experiencing difficulty in processing sugar (all carbs break down into sugar).

3. Sports
You don't have to put out to the gym to sweat. Half an hour of walking 5 days per week may help increase insulin sensitivity (the opposite of insulin resistance) and prevent diabetes. Or more active life is also quite helpful.

4. Weight control
Weight loss is relatively small — about 7% of body weight is proven to help prevent diabetes. Strive to remain at a normal weight.

5. Reduce the carbs
There is a call for pushing the high-carb, low-fat diet, it is apparently because they do not think a person can follow a low carb diet. Just think about it: If the body does not process sugar properly, then call it irrelevant, because it would be the more carbohydrates are converted to sugar. We recommend that you eat healthy food and balanced diet, a diet that is low in carbohydrates. The amount of a decrease that is optimal for sufferers of diabetas depends on the glucose tolerance.

The Symptoms Of Diabetes

1. early stage diabetic Symptoms.
Poliuri. The early stage symptoms of diabetes sufferers are characterized by frequent urination, especially at night, and with a lot of volume. The cause is the high levels of sugar in the blood so that the sufferer could not be tolerated by the kidney, and so that the urine is too concentrated not issued, the kidneys must attract a lot of water from the body.

Polidipsi. Symptoms of early stage diabetes called polidipsi this occurs as a result of the first symptoms that your body draws a large amount of liquid, so that the body automatically need the water supply so that the patient continues to feel thirsty and wants to drink constantly.

Polifagi. Symptoms of diabetes in which sufferers often feel limp because insulin is in trouble so that your body cells cannot absorb sugar properly, as a result the body lack energy, and when this happens the brain will respond that the body less food intake. Eventually the patient continues to feel hungry and always wanted to eat.

When the symptoms of diabetes is detected early stage sufferers need it once, then plan a diet carbs and exercising regularly. There is no other way that could prevent you from a more chronic condition.

2. the symptoms of Diabetes is an advanced Stage (acute)
If you feel that you have three symptoms naturally, this means that you are in a zone of acute diabetes. In this condition the sufferer usually often experience tingling, skin feels thick, hot and impaled the needle, easy sleepy and tired, cramping, as well as sexual arousal decreases drastically. If the patient is pregnant, not infrequent miscarriage or fetal death in womb, a baby was born or if they survived, his weight will exceed four kilograms.
As you already know very well with the condition of your body, now is the time to seek treatment. Search for medical help.
Some people find relief by using herbal medicines as a companion to your diet, even complete the recipe given doctor. You prepare a menu low in carbohydrates and fat and show him with drinks or other foods that can lower blood sugar levels in the blood, for example green tea (drunk without sugar), and cinnamon. However, all of this must be consulted first with the doctor.
Knowing the symptoms of diabetes is very important, so we can detect this disease early is always already present in our bodies or not. If we find out early, hopefully not progressed to advanced diabetes, because you immediately take action to resolve it.
Enjoy this article and Thanks for reading: How to prevent diabetes

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