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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

4 Cancer risk factors

Cancer is a disease that is increasingly common in the modern era. This is partly due to longer lifetime. Results: the average life expectancy of most of the world's population increased in the twentieth century on this one. Parents are more at risk of getting cancer, thereby increasing the number of sufferers of cancer among residents. In addition, medical engineering has evolved so that different types of tumors are more easily detected. In ancient times the cancer instead of none, but often unknown because it has not advanced the world of medicine.

An increasing number of cancer patients is also a result of a change in our lifestyle. The way of life of modern society is experiencing dramatic changes. Radiation exposure from computer screens, cell phones and televisions, air pollution, food additives substances, pesticide residues, and other alleged acts increase the risk of cancer. Unbalanced Diet and excessive use of salt and sugar are also contributing.

Cancer are on the rise not only in developed countries but also in developing countries. No country in this world who really spared from cancer. However, there are differences in the type of kankernya. In Europe and the US, for example, breast cancer, prostate cancer and kolerektal cancer is the most common. In Indonesia, the lung cancer is relatively more widespread among men due to the habit of smoking. In women, cervical cancer is relatively more infected due to lack of awareness and prevention efforts for the HPV virus into its originators.

Is It Cancer?
Cancer is a condition in which some of the body's cells are damaged and cannot be repaired by the body. The cells were then grown and splitting is abnormal and out of process control normal body. The abnormal cells are called cancer cells.

Cancer cells can grow together as a mass called a tumor which replaced the normal cells in tissue or organ. Cancer cells can interfere with the function of the organs in which they appear, and they also can spread to surrounding tissue or through the lymph and blood flow to other organs. Cancer cells that have spread from their original site to other organs is called "metastatic."

Who is at risk of getting cancer?

Cancer can attack all walks of life no matter the background and current status of the economy. However, the risk of getting cancer is higher if You:

1. Aged over 55 years
Cancer is a disease that increases the risk when you're aging. The elderly, the greater the risk you are exposed to cancer. In children and adolescents, a relatively rare cancer. More than half of the cancers struck after the age of sixty years. The main reason why new cancer appears in old age is its growth is slow. The development of cancer is sometimes very slow and can only be detected at an advanced stage. Cancer may develop many years without You even knowing.

2. overweight (obesity)
If Your BMI is 30 or more, you have obesity. Experts have concluded that cancer of the colon, breast, endometrium (Uterine lining), kidney, and esophagus is related to obesity. Several studies have also reported a link between obesity and cancer of the gall bladder, ovaries, and the pancreas.

Prevent gaining weight can reduce cancer risk. Experts advise you to maintain healthy eating habits and physical activity early in life in order to prevent overweight and obesity. Those who are already overweight or obese are advised to avoid gaining weight, and lose weight through a low calorie diet and exercise. Even the weight loss is only 5-10 percent of the total weight can be beneficial to health.

3. The Smoking
You would already know that smoking increases the risk of lung cancer. Almost 90% of cases of death due to lung cancer in males and 80% in women are caused by smoking. However, note also that smoking may trigger the development of other cancers, including cancer of the oral cavity, larynx, esophagus, bladder, stomach, kidney, cervix, and pancreas. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals. More than 40 of them are cancer triggers substances (carcinogens).

4. Have a genetic predisposition to cancer exposed

In most patients, the cause of cancer is the result of a progressive accumulation of sporadic mutations and/or genetic changes epigenetik lifetime. This is called somatic mutations, which only affect specific network and is not inherited. In a small percentage of other cancer caused by defects, gene inheritance. Some people are born with mutations of genes inherited from their mother or father. Gene defects that generally this tumor suppressor genes is making them vulnerable exposed to cancer.

Cancer patients often get cancer in legacy a younger age compared with the general population and may be bequeathed 50% of potential to his descendants.
Enjoy this article and Thanks for reading: 4 Cancer risk factors

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