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Monday, July 9, 2012

Benefits Of Olive Oil

Secrets and benefits of olive oil
For the first time in history, there are sixteen medical experts on the world's best known gathered in Rome on 21 April 1997, to publish some direction and decision together about the theme of "olive oil and Middle White Sea Nutrients".
In a statement, they insisted that consume olive oil can provide participation protect the body from attacks of coronary heart disease, elevated blood cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, and diabetes and obesity, pain in addition to olive oil also prevents the occurrence of some nutritious type of cancer.

Olive Oil Reduces The Harmful Cholesterol
A variety of research proving the existence of the facts not Assembly sakan doubt, that olive oil lowers the total cholesterol levels and harmful cholesterol, reduce cholesterol content without being useful.
Olive oil reduces the risk of the occurrence of Blockage (Thrombosis) and Thickening of blood vessels (Arteriosklerosis)
In a study published in December 1999 M magazine AMJ CLIN NUTRL researchers stated that rich nutrition content of olive oil can reduce the negative influence of fat in the diet on the blood clotting, and subsequent revenue rangi the artery thickening of the heart.

Olive Oil Lowers Mortality
A study published in the magazine Lanst which is famous on December 20, 1999, show that the State of M poorest in Europe, namely Albania, which has a population of Muslims, has the privilege of at least mortality rate there. Mortality in Albania among men was 41 people out of every 100,000 people, separoh of the State in Britain. It is affected by the consumption of olive oil in the diet of the population of Albania.

Olive oil Reduces high blood pressure-lowering Drugs

A study conducted by Dr. Aldovaroro at the University of Naples Italy and published in the Archives of Internal Medicine Magazine, dated March 27, 2000 M, has held study of 32 patients were exposed to the disease, high blood pressure and those that consume drugs for high blood pressure.
Results of the study showed a decrease in blood pressure levels by 7 points among those who consume olive oil.

Olive Oil Reduces Cancer Attack
The researchers stated that the cause of declining death rates by cancer in the Middle white sea food is due to the inhabitants of the land contains olive oil as the main source of fat, in addition to containing vegetables, fruits, and cauliflower.

Preventing The Onset Of Cancer Olive Oil
Professor Asman, head of the Academy study of Arteriosclerosis at the University, Germany, he Monstar is the world's most prominent researchers in the field of medicine and arteriosclerosis, he said, "Dairy of olive oil can protect the body from a number of other attacks on cancer, including colon cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, although the number of studies is still too minimal."

Olive oil and breast cancer
A study published in November 1995 and carried out against women affected by 3,054 breast cancer, confirms that there is a correlation between the possibility of reverse breast cancer with pengkon-sumsian olive oil, and that many consume olive oil gives participation in protecting someone from breast cancer.
A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine Magazine Edition August 1998 M confirmed that eating dairy dollop of olive oil every day can reduce the risk of breast cancer to the levels of 45%.

Olive oil and cancer of the uterus
British Cancer magazine published in May 1996, M a study which was done against women 145 affected by cancer of the uterus Greece. Researchers correlate between those women affected by cancer of the uterus with the women who consume a lot of olive oil. As it turns out, the women who consume olive oil is much less affected by cancer of the uterus. Where possible the occurrence of cancer in them down to 26%.

Olive oil and cancer of the stomach
A number of modern scientific study showed that consuming olive oil on a regular basis can reduce the occurrence of cancer of the stomach. But it still needed a variety of advanced scientific study on this subject.

Olive oil and cancer of the Colon
There are also some studies that show that peng-konsumsian fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and plays an important role in protecting the body against colon cancer.

Olive oil and skin cancer (Melanoma)

Dertmatdogg Times magazine in August 2000 edition of M study mentions a show that to use olive oil as a skin cream after bathing and sunbathing, would protect the occurrence of skin cancer (melanoma).

Olive Oil Reduces The Incidence Of Gastric Tukak
Dr. Samût, of Harvard University, delivered the Last Congress a study in digestive system Disease Organizations that America was held in October 2000 M.
Dr. Samût confirmed that the nutrients contained in olive oil can have a positive influence in protecting the body from cancer of the stomach and reduce the incidence of diseases of the stomach tukak.

Olive Oil As A Nutritious BREAST MILK

In a study published in the modern month of February 1996 M at the University of Barcelona, Spain, that is committed against a woman of forty, feeding BREAST MILK samples taken from them. The researchers found that most of the fat contained in breast milk, including fat single-chain type. This type of fat is considered the best fats should be consumed by humans, and that's the kind of fat that is contained in the famous olive oil.

Olive Oil Reduces Inflammation Of The Joints

CLIN NUTR AMJ magazine issue November 1999 M-blikasikan a, capable of research done to 145 patients sick sort of contraction and arthritis joints in Northern Greece. They be correlated with 108 people are healthy. In this research look that could give dairy olive oil protects the body from participation in the penya-this kit.

Olive Oil Kill Head Lice
Some studies conducted at several universities and colleges in the United States, about head lice, showing that the use of olive oil as a hair oil are exposed to fleas, within a few hours it can kill lice on the head.
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