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Monday, July 30, 2012

Breast Cancer, check your own breasts

Until now, breast cancer is still a scourge that is intimidating to women around the world. Breast cancer in Indonesia is often found in an advanced stage and it is fierce so the effort often encounter barriers to therapy that will obviously affect the life expectancy of the patient. Considering that up to now we have yet to find out the exact cause of breast cancer and how hard the advanced stage breast cancer therapy, which required all women is breast cancer early detection.
Efforts to detect breast cancer early can be done in various ways, including with independent examination, examination by doctors and complementary examinations, such as mammography or breast ULTRASOUND with. Examination by doctors and complementary examination course should be supported by the availability of facilities, manpower and tools and enough medical costs. In Indonesia, where the number of facilities, manpower and medical tools not worth the amount of people, and with the State of the economy are still in Indonesia belongs to the "lower-income country" according to the UN, clear examination by doctors and complementary examinations could not be enjoyed by the whole people of Indonesia. Thus, independent examination which generally is fairly easy and can be done by all women, became a means of detection that will be capable of prosecuting cases of breast cancer in an early stage.

An independent examination of the breasts regularly can be done once a month, in a few days after menstruation, when the breasts are not likely to be enlarged, feels hard and sore. Whereas for women who are menopausal, pick a day that is easy to remember, for example every 1st or 10th of every month. An independent examination of the ways referred to by REALISE (check your own breasts) which is fairly easy and can be done by women all ages. If it becomes a habit, AWARE of it long we will recognize the structure of breast self-so that when there is an abnormality can be immediately known. For the diligent chronicling, breast conditions every month can be noted. This could be some kind of breast conditions and diari map every time. If anyone is AWARE of the perceived abnormal or strange, such women could immediately visit a doctor to undergo further examinations.

Steps in performing REALIZE, namely:
1. start by observing the breasts in the mirror with straight shoulders and arms at waist. To be observed here is the shape, size and color of the breasts, because the average breast change without us even knowing. Changes to look out for are: lined, sunken into or sticks out forward because there is a lump, nipple that turns the position where it should stand out out quite interested in, skin color blush or be abusive and feels pain in perabaan.
2. then lift both arms to see if there is an abnormality in the second breast.
3. while still in front of a mirror, press nipple is there any liquids out (able to be liquid as white as milk, yellow or blood).
4. then lie on a hard surface. When performing breast checks right, put a pillow under the right shoulder. Then place your right hand under the head. Roll out your left hand fingers on the right breast and gently press it with the movement Rotate clockwise. Start at the very top right breast (12 o'clock position) and then move towards 10 o'clock onwards, until returned to the position of 12 hours. After that move the fingers roughly 2 cm close to the nipple. Continue as before until the movement rotate the entire breast tissue, including breast, complete review. Press with fingers are flat and synchronously. Selubungi breast with fingers towards the top to the bottom of, from the collarbone to the upper part of the stomach, from the armpit to the bottom of the neck. Repeat this pattern until the entire breast has been assured that we handle them. Now start on the nipple. Make a circle with the longer counting until it reaches the edge of the breast. Using a finger, make a movement up and down, move horizontally/sideways like he was cutting the grass. When performing the movement, feel the entire breast tissue under the skin with a smooth rabaan up to rabaan a bit more pressing. AWARE of the correct technique using the knuckles of the three middle finger, instead of the fingertips. To note is perabaan to do with little emphasis. Excessive emphasis can cause pressure on the rib cage and it will feel like a lump.
5. Lastly, feel your breasts when sitting or standing. For most women, the easiest to feel her tits when her breasts were wet and slippery, so the most suitable is when you're taking a bath under the shower. Do as in step 4, and make sure that the entire breast has been palpated by hand.

REALIZE each month and examination by an expert and mammography every year is very beneficial to find breast cancer in an early stage. To REALIZE, You help yourself by finding breast cancer early.
Enjoy this article and Thanks for reading: Breast Cancer, check your own breasts

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